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Fox Tales book cover

Fox Tales

Over the past two or three years I have been visiting a family of wild foxes who live on a cliff overlooking a bay, and during that time I have been granted a privileged close-up view of the way they live.

Fox Tales is primarily about a dog fox, his two sisters, his vixen and his family of four daughters.

The book is written with young children in mind but the photos will hopefully be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Fox Tales covers just over a year of their lives.

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Fox Family book cover

Fox Family

After the success of Fox Tales I decided to follow up with a second book, and the result is Fox Family - still based on the foxes who live on the cliff overlooking the bay.

The previous dog fox and his vixen have moved on, as have three of their daughters. One remains as does her auntie, the sister of the Fox Tales dog fox. Each of those two vixens gave birth to two cubs each. The auntie to two boys, and her niece had a girl and a boy. Fox Family covers about 6 months of their lives.

Fox Family is written with young children in mind but the photos will again hopefully be enjoyed by young and old alike.

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About the author

Author Paul Windridge

Paul Windridge

His short films have been shown in various film and arts festivals including: Paris, St Petersburg, Berlin and Zurich. His work has also been shown in events at Tate Britain, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: on BBC Big Screens nationwide, Big Screen Project Manhattan and at BBC Electric Proms.

And he has been described as, “A poet of digital cinematography – turning short zen-like meditations on fragments of the everyday world into visual and sonic experiences.”


Fox Tales cards

Fox Tales Cards

A series of greetings cards which changes over time depending on what the foxes have been up to. Shops usually stock no more than four types at any one time.

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